Dirt Storm Drifters is an unusual duo.  A grey-beard and a metal-band refugee – they look like a musical version of “The Odd Couple.” 

Guitarist/songwriter Roger Martin is a veteran of the rock/folk ‘70s while bassist/mandolinist David Chapman grew up singing hymns and folk before buying a bass and heading into loud land with a series of metal bands.

In 2010, Roger, David, and Jan Chapman, started a weekly jam.  Mostly they sang folk from the 60’s and 70’s.  But once Roger dusted off his notebooks and started writing new material, the band found their own path.   Rehearsals became recording sessions.  Jan moved, but still sings with the group when she can.  Seeing where they were headed, David decided to expand his talents and picked up a mandolin.  

Putting the parts together took a year and a half, but the result is “After the Eclipse,” the Dirt Storm Drifter’s first CD. The songs are a mélange of folk, county and Americana with some rock stirred in for spice.  Fans will find something here to like no matter what their musical tastes.

So what is it like when Dirt Storm Drifters perform?  David focuses on rhythm and brings his Sunday-smooth voice to ballads and harmony.  Roger’s guitar sets the groove, and his vocals add a little bar room grit to the mix.  When Jan sits in, she transforms the band with her powerful, pure tone.  Between them, they channel that old coffee house vibe with just enough sass to keep things moving.

It may be odd, but it works.

Dirt Storm Drifters